Table 4

Proportion with adverse biochemical values on testing within 2 months post initiation of AA and number subsequently discontinuing AA

Hyperkalaemia (≥6 mmol/L)*Creatinine ≥220 µmol/L≥30% increase in creatinine
Number with adverse biochemical values†128/6373 (2.0%)177/6520 (2.7%)877/6520 (13.5%)
Number discontinuing AA‡68/128 (53.1%)76/177 (42.9%)251/877 (28.6%)
  • *Missing data for 147 people (2.3%) for first follow-up potassium value.

  • †Serum potassium and creatinine values on first blood test within 2 months of AA initiation.

  • ‡Discontinuation defined as no further prescriptions of AA after blood test plus 30 days.

  • AA, aldosterone antagonist.