Table 3

Observed activities which shops, cafes and restaurants engaged in against which compliance to quality statement 3 was measured. The number in parentheses is the number of shops or cafes or restaurants that engaged in this activity

Quality statement 3: ‘Children and young people, and their parents or carers, see healthy food and drink choices displayed prominently in local authority and NHS venues’
Shops, n=5Advertising and promotions
  • ‘Meal-deal’ promotion includes sugar-free drink options (5)

  • Poster advertising price promotions on fresh fruit and dried fruit (2)

Advertising and promotions
  • Fruit available was not reflective of the fruit advertised on the poster (2)

  • ‘Big Kids Sweet Zone’ offering 35 different products at ‘pocket money’ prices (1)

  • Posters advertising price promotions on unhealthy options including share-size confectionery, sugar-sweetened beverages, crisps, ‘coffee & muffin deal’ hot dogs and ice cream (5)

  • ‘Low saturated fat’ sandwich range available but not advertised (2)

  • ‘Meal-deal’ poster advertising sandwich, crisps or piece of fruit plus a drink although the fruit option was unavailable in some shops (3)

Layout and prominent placing of healthy and unhealthy items
  • Fresh fruit stall located at the back of the shop (1)

  • Bruised fruit (1)

  • First visible items on entry were pic ‘n’ mix stalls, confectionery and crisps (5)

  • Floor-to-ceiling confectionery stall adjacent to the entrance (1)

  • Multiple rows of confectionery at 1 m height (5)

  • Ice cream freezer at the entrance and visible from main hospital concourse (2)

  • Home-made cakes prominently displayed at payment areas (2)

  • Price promotions on unhealthy snack items prominently displayed at payment areas (2)

Cafes, n=5Advertising and promotions
  • Poster advertising healthier wraps (roast chicken rainbow/sweet potato/falafel) (1)

  • Skimmed/semiskimmed/soya milk advertised as options for drinks and porridge (1)

  • Poster and tabletop advertisements for fruit smoothies containing 100% fruit in 500 mL portions stating ‘1 of your 5 a-day’ (1)

Layout and prominent placing of healthy and unhealthy items
  • ‘Healthier range’ wraps/sandwiches/salads available and clearly labelled (1)

  • Healthy breakfast options clearly displayed. Options included porridge pots, fruit salad and yoghurt (2)

  • Fresh fruit salad tubs prominently displayed in glass display cabinet (1)

  • Salads served without dressing. Self-service dressings available (1)

  • Prices available for soup with or without a bread roll (1)

  • Two healthier snack options prominently displayed which were cereal bars and healthier biscuits (2)

  • Fresh fruit prominently displayed although no price information was available (1)

  • Baked crisps available (2)

Advertising and promotions
  • Price promotions on baked goods such as brownies displayed prominently next to the payment area (1)

  • Poster advertisement in main hospital foyer outside café for ‘double chocolate cookie mocha creamy cooler’ (1)

  • Poster advertisement for ‘Product of the month’ which were cookies (1)

Layout and prominent placing of healthy and unhealthy items
  • Cakes and other baked goods prominently displayed at service and payment areas (5)

  • No healthy snacks or fruit available (1)

  • Crisps and salted nuts prominently displayed next to café entrance and in front of healthier snack items (2)

  • Large chocolate bar selection available (5)

Restaurants, n=2Advertising and promotions
  • Multiple healthy options advertised in prominent positions including cold breakfast bar, fresh fruit and steamed potatoes (2)

  • Healthier ‘side options’ advertised using poster entitled ‘It’s better for you’ on the service counter (1)

  • Poster advertising ‘now serving (Brand Name) (no added sugar) in our restaurant’ (1)

  • Poster advertising 100% fruit smoothies (2)

  • Poster advertising ‘lighter breakfast’ options including cereal, yoghurt, fruit, mixed nuts (1)

Layout and prominent placing of healthy and unhealthy items
  • First visible stall on entry is a farm stall displaying fresh fruit and vegetables (1)

  • Choice of four packaged salads available in addition to sandwiches (1)

  • Fruit and healthier snack options displayed near payment area (2)

  • Healthier and cheaper ‘side options’ available which include potatoes and vegetable options with clear, comparable prices (2)

Advertising and promotions
  • Price promotion on home-made cookies with self-service tongs at payment areas (1)

Layout and prominent placing of healthy and unhealthy items
  • Self-service salad bar no longer in use (1)

  • ‘Snack’ table in central location near payment areas predominantly serving baked goods (1)

  • Snack bar and ice cream freezer located next to payment area and cutlery collection area (1)

  • Menu displayed by restaurant entrance on stall sponsored by Coca-Cola and states ‘Coca Cola – complete your meal’ (1)