Table 1

Modified version of Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) checklist12 for use in meta-regression analysis*

Materials for mood management (ie, physical or informational materials used)Paper-based information, website, homework, diary, audio information, etc
Procedures for mood management: activities, procedures or activities used in the intervention to support activitiesRelaxation techniques, mood monitoring, etc
Did the participant see the same intervention provider for all mood management sessions?Yes, no
Mood management providerNurse, psychologist, General Practitioner, counsellor, etc
Training given to intervention provider?Yes, no
Level of education of intervention providerBSc, MSc, PhD
Mode of mood management deliveryIndividual, group
Location of mood management interventionHospital, participant’s home, General Practitioner surgery, university, etc
Number of mood management sessionsContinuous variable
Length of mood management session (minutes)Continuous variable
Was the mood management intervention tailored to participant?Yes, no
Number of mood management sessions tailored to participant?Continuous variable
Was participant adherence to mood management intervention measured?Yes, no
Did participants adhere to the mood management intervention?Yes, no or %
Was therapist adherence to mood management intervention measured?Yes, no
Did therapists adhere to mood management programme?Yes, no or %
  • *The categories are likely to be further developed during data extraction to include new items.