Table 3

Association between obesity and body mass index (BMI) and the rs7559479 polymorphism, adjusted by age and sex in both samples (values for BMI are the mean ±SE; “% Non-obese” indicates the % of non-obese subjects carrying AA or AG-GG genotypes, “% Obese” indicates the % of obese subjects carrying AA or AG-GG genotypes; bold indicates significance)

GenotypeNBMI% Non-obese% ObeseObesity, OR (95% CI)
AA106226.41 (0.13)877 (59.6%)185 (50.7%)1.00
AG-GG77426.96 (0.16)594 (40.4%)180 (49.3%)1.44 (1.14 to 1.82)
P value0.0080.0024