Table 5A

Regional overview showing variances in percentages of endovascular treatments among the conducted popliteal to foot revascularisations from 2001 to 2014+

RegionPercentage popliteal to foot endovascular revascularisations with 95% CIp value
Average annual national increase endovascular revascularisations2.4 (1.9 to 2.9)<0.01
Western NRHAReference group
South-Eastern NRHA10.7 (5.7 to 15.7)<0.01
Central NRHA5.1 (−1.7 to 11.8)0.14
Northern NRHA4.9 (−3.2 to 13.0)0.23
  • Revascularisations=treatment sessions.

  • Reference value=lowest value.

  • + Weighted linear regression (analytical weights) with percentage endovascular revascularisations as dependent variable and average annual increases as explanatory variable.

  • NRHA, Norwegian Regional Health Authority.