Table 2

Schematic overview of study procedures and measurements for each study visit

Visits (t=time after intervention)
Visit 1
(intake), t=0
Telephone interview on crusting, oozing, vesicles, t=24–48 hoursVisit 2
(wound check), t=1 week±3 days
Visit 3
(end of study), t=7±1 week
Informed consentX
Standardised photographyXXX
Patient’s global assessment (POSAS)XX
Physician’s global assessment (POSAS)XX
Randomisation of ROIsX
Intervention (EST, only bleomycin injection or no treatment) of the three ROIsX
Registration of adverse eventsXXX
  • EST, electrosclerotherapy; LSCI, laser speckle contrast imaging; POSAS, Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale; ROI, region of interest.