Table 2

Core functionalities of postnatal depression application that are included in the current analysis

Name of applicationsPlatformGeneral descriptionSilberg score
Anxiety and Depression ScalesAndroidIncludes questionnaire for the evaluation of depression and anxiety3
Self HelpAndroidIncludes leaflets about various mental health disorders7
Pregnancy Week by WeekAndroidGuide to conception, pregnancy, taking care of baby and being a parent2
Mental Health AssessmentsAndroidIncludes sets of common questionnaires for assessment of various psychiatric disorders2
Baby Care Week by Week: TipsAndroidBaby development week by week and parenting tips in one baby application; contains information, audio and video about postnatal depression2
First Time MomsAndroidPregnancy guide and information about how to deal with postpartum depression3
New Baby New LifeAndroid/ApplePodcasts focusing on hypnosis for postnatal depression1
GoMumAndroidCognitive behavioural therapy-based activities and information about postpartum depression4
Postnatal YogaAndroidYoga exercises for postnatal mothers who are suffering from postnatal depression or anxiety2
Bump 2 BreastAndroidInformation about child caring as well as postpartum depression3
Your Personal HealthAndroidCollection of surveys and assessment2
What Were We ThinkingAppleEducational information with videos and functions for postnatal depression5
Essential Baby Care GuideAppleEducational information covering topics such as feeding, sleeping, care and development, and first aid skills in the form of videos; also contains video about postnatal depression3
PPD ScreeningAppleIncludes the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to evaluate for depressive symptoms3