Table 1

Citations of NEJM, The Lancet, JAMA and The BMJ in 22 newspapers in 14 countries and 4 world regions: the USA, the UK, Western World and the Rest of the World (2008–2015).

RegionNEJMThe LancetJAMAThe BMJCites in four medical journals
Newspaper (country)AbbreviationCitesCitesCitesCitesTotalMonthlyWeekly
 The New York TimesNYT786359537263194520.34.7
 USA TodayUSATod22861219485565.81.3
 Washington PostWashin3361342461438598.92.1
 Daily TelegraphTelegr9347080840148315.43.6
 The TimesTimes10843189637126513.23.0
 The GuardianGuard11450358585126013.13.0
(Western World)4.71.1
 Die Welt (DE)Welt7415941893633.80.9
 Der Tagesspiegel (DE)Tages10916663894274.41.0
 Le Figaro (FR)Figaro15817664864845.01.2
 Le Monde (FR)Monde111222431004765.01.1
 Corriere de la Sera (IT) *Corrie143247601375877.01.6
 La Stampa (IT)Stampa607317401902.00.5
 El País (ES)Pais8816334803653.80.9
 El Mundo (ES)Mundo13413890754374.61.0
 The Australian (AT)Austra912181022566676.91.6
 Toronto Star (CA)Toront135179961295395.61.3
 The New Zealand Herald (NZ)NZH71143381393914.10.9
(Rest of the World)1.10.3
 La Nación (AR)Nacion162039480.50.1
 O Globo (BR)Globo20181020680.70.2
 Jerusalem Post (IL)Jerusa385113611631.70.4
 El Universal (MX)Univer51129270.30.1
 The Star (ZA)Star3012217492182.30.5
  • *Data available from 27 January 2009. DE, Germany; FR, France, IT, Italy; ES, Spain; AT, Australia; CA, Canada; NZ, New Zealand; AR, Argentina; BR, Brazil; IL, Israel; MX, Mexico; ZA, South Africa.