Table 1

Comparison of participants to non-participants from a source population* of workers’ compensation claimants in Victoria

ParticipantsNon-participantsχ2 for diffp Value
Injury type
Age group
 18–24 years54610461.190.88
 25–34 years1591830919
 35–44 years2042338924
 45–54 years2673146629
 55+ years1852135822
Employment type
 Full time577661144705.600.06
 Part time1842128317
 Accommodation, food, arts and recreation services47697635.80.0003
 Admin, prof, scientific and tech4251056
 Other goods industries233563
 Education and training395714
 Financial and real estate162231
 Healthcare and social assistance2152731719
 Public administration and safety6581056
 Retail trade4561046
 Transport and warehousing62816610
 Wholesale trade4561016
 Other service industries314453
  • *Source population refers to a random sample of all relevant claims in line with the study criteria during the period of observation.

  • †For participants, industry information is only available for the 790 respondents (91%) who agreed to have their survey data linked to their administrative claim record.