Table 1

Database search strategy: Ovid MEDLINE

ConstructsSearch terms
Organisational culture/workplace culturework culture OR work place OR workplace OR work site OR worksite OR organi$ation* culture OR service culture OR corporate culture OR work climate OR organi$ation* climate OR service climate OR corporate climate OR work ethos OR organi$ation* ethos OR service ethos OR corporate ethos OR work environment OR organi$ation* environment OR service environment OR corporate environment
Patient outcomespatient outcome* OR patient satisfaction OR health outcome* OR patient experience* OR mortality OR length of stay OR pain level OR cost of care OR functional abilit* OR patient knowledge OR quality of life OR impairment* OR disabilit* OR readmission rate* OR adverse event* OR medication error* OR patient fall* OR infection* OR decubitus ulcer*
Healthcarehealth organi$ation* OR hospital* OR health facilit* OR acute care OR primary care OR health OR healthcare OR health care OR health-care
  • * and $ symbolise truncation.