Table 2

Summary Topic Guides for professional, managerial and support staff and patient interviews

Health professionals, managerial and support staffRole in the AKI prevention project
  • Current role

  • How it¬†supported patients to prevent AKI before the project?

  • Preparation for role in sick day guidance/AKI project

  • Specific training/education

  • Additional needs for training/education in the area of AKI prevention

Views of the AKI prevention project
  • Who offered sick day rules/other AKI interventions to? (types of patients)

  • How did you engage with patients

  • What works well and why? (enablers)

  • What does not work well and why? (barriers)

  • Views of its impact on patients

  • Views of the impact on your work and the rest of the healthcare team

Integration with healthcare
  • How do sick day rules/other AKI initiatives, fit/link with other support for AKI prevention?

  • Fit with long-term conditions management and other health needs and services?

  • How do they fit/link with hospital care/social/voluntary sector?

  • Contact/interaction with the rest of the primary healthcare team, secondary care team(s) around sick day guidance/AKI more generally?

  • Which healthcare professionals are best placed to provide AKI prevention support?

  • Length of time of condition/taking medicines

  • Perceptions of health and illness in everyday life

  • Management of medicines and/or acute episodes of illness before the project (whether used a sick day guidance before/blister packs)

  • Difficulties experienced around managing medicines and any needs?

The sick day guidance/other kidney health interventions
  • How they found out about the service?

  • Whether used the card or not?

  • What do they find useful or like about it?

  • What do they not find useful or dislike about it?

  • Do they feel it has helped them? If so, how?

  • Could it be improved? If so, how?

  • Which healthcare practitioners could/should provide the cards? (where and when)

  • Who are sick day cards/other AKI interventions suitable for?

Coordination of care
  • Who is involved in their care?

  • How/where does the sick day guidance/other support provided as part of the project, fit with other services or care received or other self-care undertaken?

  • AKI,¬†acute kidney injury.