Table 2

Comments about GP as a career by commentator

Commentatorn (FD)% (FD)*n (GPST)% (GPST)*
 Junior/middle grade hospital doctors992522
 Nursing staff1176
 Other – –1110
 Junior/middle grade hospital doctors2939622
 Consultants(hospital doctors)2027830
 GPSTs911 – –
 Nursing staff68311
 Patients – – – –
 Other (non-clinical staff) – –726
  • *Percentages are based on the number of comments reported by that group of trainees; that is, the denominator is the number of positive or negative comments in total for that group of trainees. Many trainees reported hearing positive and/or negative comments but did not expand further.

  • FD, foundation doctors; GPST, General Practice Specialty Registrar; GP, General Practitioner.