Table 4

Primary analysis and supportive analyses

AnalysisEstimateLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIp-Value
Primary—proportion of hazardous or harmful drinkers (OR)0.630.450.890.008
Supportive analysis 1* (OR)0.620.430.900.012
Supportive analysis 2† (OR)0.610.420.880.009
Supportive analysis 3‡ (OR)−0.17−0.580.250.43
  • *Proportion of hazardous or harmful drinkers; including baseline values for risky drinkers and random intercept term for practice.

  • †Including a random residual term in replacement for the generalised random intercept term for practice and baseline values for risky drinkers.

  • ‡Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-10 score as a continuous outcome, including the baseline score as a patient level explanatory variable, with generalised random intercept terms for general practitioner practices.