Table 2

Training methods and duration for CVD and its risk factors management for community health workers in low-income and middle-income countries

StudyTraining detailsDuration of training programmeMethods of training (workshop, online)
Abrahams-Gessel et al 51 Non-invasive screening of cardiovascular risk scoreHours of training not reported (2 weeks training over 4 months)Lectures and interactive lessons
On-site training for anthropometrical measurements
BMI and CVD risk score calculation
Da Silva et al 48 Hypertension knowledge and basic skills practices development16.5 hours (11 sessions fortnightly over 6 months)Lectures and practical sessions
Fatmah49 Obesity and hypertension knowledge
BMI metric tool measurements
11 hours (2 days)Lectures and interactive sessions
On-site training for BMI metric tool measurements
Ku and Kegels53 Diabetes knowledge and basic skills practices development32 hoursLectures, two-way demonstrations and hands-on workshops
Nishtar et al 54 Cardiovasular disease prevention6 hoursInteractive training workshops
Sangprasert47 Hypertension knowledge and basic skills practices developmentNot reportedLectures and group discussions
Seyed Emami et al 50 Health education about physical activity2.5 hours (three weekly sessions)Lectures andgroup discussions
Sranacharoenpong and Hanning52 Hypertension knowledge and basic skills practices development40 hours (16 sessions, over 4 months)Lectures, group discussion, problem-based learning, e-learning and online support
Community-based application
Assignments and self-evaluations
  • BMI, body mass index; CVD, cardiovascular disease.