Table 1

Overview measured outcomes at different time points

DomainMeasureCollectedPrehospitalisationPostoperation (at day care, day 1)During hospitalisation (preoperative–perioperative–postoperative, day 1)Posthospitalisation (at home, day 2)Posthospitalisation/study end (at home, day 3)
Pain perception/intensityStandard hospital NRSPatientxxx
Pain expectationsAdapted VAS scalePatientx
Overall benefit of analgesiaOBASPatientxx
Analgesic dosageMedical record/patientxxx
Analgesic requestMedical recordx
Perceived empathyCAREPatientx
Perceived expectationSelf-created VASPatientx
AnxietyState-anxiety (STAI-State)PatientXx
SatisfactionSelf-created VAS scalePatientx
General pain evaluationSelf-created VAS ScalePatientx
General evaluation about hospitalisationAdapted CQ Index itemsPatientx
Socio demographicsPatientX
Functional health statusCOOP-WONCAPatientX
General experiences/expectations/attitudesSelf-created VAS scalesPatientX
General reporting of painSelf-created VAS scalePatientX
Attitudes towards operationSelf-created VAS scalePatientX
Data medical recordFor example, diagnosis, weight and prescribed medicationMedical recordXX
Nurse—sociodemographicsNurseAt study start
Nurse—empathyIRINurseAt study start
  • CARE, Consultation and Relational Empathy Measure; CQ Index, Consumer Quality Index; COOP-WONCA, Dartmouth COOP [from the Dartmouth Primary Care Cooperative Information Project known as the "CO-OP Project"] functional health assessment charts/World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies, and Academic Associations of General Practices/Family Physicians; IRI, Interactive Reactivity Index; NRS, Numeric Rating Scale; OBAS, Overall Benefit of Analgesia Score; PANAS, Positive and Negative Affect Schedule; STAI-State, State measure of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.