Table 2

Data collected on exposures and outcomes throughout the study

Participant interviewsActive surveillance for acute
respiratory illnesses
Record abstraction
Screening interviewEnrolment interview 1Enrolment interview 2Half year follow-upAnnual reassessmentWeekly surveillanceIllness episodeMedical chart reviewHospital case reportDeath record
Demographic characteristics
 Age and sex
 Marital status
 Household size and composition
 Objective and subjective SES
 Life history
Health and behaviour
 Height and weight (current)
 Objective and subjective health status, and cognitive function
 Functional status
 Smoking status and history
 Chronic medical conditions and medications
 Medically attended events in prior years
 Live poultry exposure
Acute illness and care
 Level of care sought
 Symptoms, signs and duration of illness
 Objective and subjective health status
 Functional status
 Current medication
 Chief complaint, discharge diagnosis and cause of death
 Laboratory confirmation including influenza
Preventive care
 Influenza vaccination
 Pneumococcal vaccination
  • SES, socioeconomic status.