Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the respondents and non-respondents

RespondentsNon-respondentsSource of information
Gender, women, %35.342.8CRS
Age (at diagnosis), mean years (25th/75th percentile)68.7 (62.1/76.4)69.3 (59.0/80.6)CRS
Diagnosis, %NPR
 Ischaemic heart disease43.441.3
 Atrial fibrillation30.336.1
 Heart failure10.615.2
 Heart valve disease15.77.5
Civil status, %CRS
Educational level, %PER
 Basic school36.247.1
 Upper secondary or vocational school41.937.1
 Higher education21.915.9
Income, EUR, mean (25th/75th percentile)27,596 (17,597/32,493)24,744 (16.389/27,763)ISR
Ethnic background, %CRS
 Danish origin94.791.8
Region, %CRS
 Capital Region of Denmark25.231.4
 Central Denmark Region22.820.4
 North Denmark Region10.510.0
 Region of Southern Denmark24.023.5
 Region Zealand17.514.8
Time from diagnosis to distribution of questionnaires, Months*, mean (25th/75th percentile)16.3 (13.1/19.6)16.5 (13.3/19.8)NPR
  • *Standard month=30 days.

  • CRS, The Danish Civil Registration System; ISR, The Income Statistics Register; NPR, The Danish National Patient Register; PER, The Population’s Education Register.27