Table 3

Outcome measures

 Case report form: gender, age, socioeconomic status, employment and education status, current weight loss status, current health status, current computer and phone useBaseline and 12 months
Primary outcomes
Body mass index (kg/m2)Physical measurement of height (m) and weight (kg)Baseline and 12 months
DietDINE questionnaire39
4 days of 24 hours dietary recall40
Baseline and 12 months
Physical activity7-Day accelerometry36
7-Day Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire37
Baseline and 12 months
Secondary outcomes
Anthropometric changesWaist and hip circumference (cm)Baseline and 12 months
Health-related quality of lifeEQ-5D questionnaire41
ICECAP-A scale42
Baseline and 12 months
Mental healthGeneral Health Questionnaire43 Baseline and 12 months
National Health Service resource use and participant-borne costsSpecially designed resource use questionnaireBaseline and 12 months
Usability of softwareUSE questionnaire29 12 months
Smoking useHeaviness of Smoking Index44 12 months
Alcohol useAlcohol Use Disorders Identification Test45 12 months
Mediators of change
Social supportExercise & Eating Habits Social Support Scales46 Baseline and 12 months
Self-efficacyWeight47& Exercise Efficacy Lifestyle Scales48 49 Baseline and 12 months
MotivationTreatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire50 Baseline and 12 months
Social networksSociogram51
Egocentric questionnaire51
Baseline and 12 months