Table 2b

Comparisons of the rates of samples received by gender-specific questions

STI kitsSample receivedp ValueSTI kitsSample receivedp Value
Kit type*0.572 <0.001
 Female-design A32461990 (61.3%)
 Female-design B267159 (59.6%)
 Male STI 1325657 (49.6%)
 MSM STI 462292 (63.2%)
Symptoms 0.020 0.010
 I don’t have any of these symptoms27691723 (62.2%)1424781 (54.8%)
 Deep pain during sex15183 (55.0%)
 Ongoing lower abdominal pain215132 (61.4%)
 Pain when you pass urine299174 (58.2%)14675 (51.4%)
 Sores, ulcers or cuts on your genitals or around your anus7937 (46.8%)4620 (43.5%)
 Pain in your testicles 7336 (49.3%)
 Unusual discharge from penis or anus 9837 (37.8%)
Sexual and drug taking behaviour (in the last 6 months)0.736 <0.001
 None of these statements apply to me29611810 (61.1%)1300644 (49.5%)
 I’ve had anal sex with a man213126 (59.2%)
 I’ve had sex with six or more men301186 (61.8%)125 (41.7%)
 I’ve used amyl nitrate (poppers)118 (72.7%)51 (20.0%)
 I’ve used methamphetamines2719 (70.4%)2313 (56.5%)
 I’ve had sex with other men 438279 (63.7%)
 I’ve had receptive anal sex (I was the bottom) with a man 97 (77.8%)
  • Excludes the transgender respondents (n=10). p-values are from χ2 tests, and bold p values are significant at p<0.05.

  • *Female-design B is for respondents reporting a history of receptive anal sex.

  • †Not applicable to the specified gender.

  • MSM, men who have sex with men; STI, sexually transmitted infection.