Table 3

Discussion schedule for general practice staff postintervention

Discussion pointsReason
Section A: Knowledge improvement
1*How would you rate your knowledge of familial hypercholesterolaemia?
Prompt if needed 1 (no knowledge) to 5 (extremely knowledgeable)
Establishing extent of knowledge
2How comfortable would you be with diagnosing FH?
Prompt if needed 1 (very uncertain) to 5 (extremely confident)
3How confident would you feel managing a patient with FH?
Prompt if needed 1 (very uncertain) to 5 (extremely confident)
Section B: Effectiveness of proposed model of care for identification and management of FH
4In terms of the training you received for identification and treatment of FH, how did you feel about that process? Was it helpful or not? What did you like/dislike about it? What inclusion/exclusions, if any, would you like to see?Establishing usefulness of training sessions with GP and staff
5How do you feel about the follow-up care for FH? Do you feel it was beneficial to your patients? Why/why not? And did you find it beneficial? Why/why not?Establishing effectiveness of introduced model of care
6Did you need to contact the hospital lipid specialist? If yes, how well did the communication with them work? If not so well, was there anything you would like to see improve? If well, what were the elements that were particularly good?Seeking out from participant any unique challenges within a practice setting that may create barriers and difficulties
Section C: Establishing effectiveness of screening process in identifying patients with FH
7*Did you feel the TARB-Ex tool was a useful add-on to your existing software? Was it easy for you and your staff to use? Can you give any examples of what worked well/not so well?Establishing the practicality of the screening tool—was it efficient?
8Did you feel that the screening process overall (TARB-Ex extraction and GP review of patient files) was helpful in detecting patients with FH? Was it an efficient process? Why/why not?Establishing perceived effectiveness of the screening process—did it work?
9What aspect of the overall screening process did you find the hardest? What area could improve?Identifying potential improvement and increased efficiency
Section D: Establishing the effectiveness of family cascade testing for FH
*Preamble: part of the intervention required family members to be contacted and, if possible, tested for FH. I’d like to ask you a few questions around that process.
10*How did you go about contacting families and the cascade testing? What did you find easy or difficult about this process?Establishing the effectiveness of the intervention within the practice—was it practical?
11*Do you think that cascade testing benefited the families of those diagnosed with FH? If yes/no, why do you feel this way? Overall, did you see any increase in awareness within patients and their families regarding FH?Establishing the perceived patient benefits of cascade testing and a family-based model of care—did it work?
12*Did you encounter any examples of resistance to family screening?
Section E: Overall intervention feedback
13Do you think you are likely to continue with this method of care in your practice? Why/why not?Determining sustainability
14Would you have any comments or suggestions that we have not mentioned about ways the process could work going forward?
  • All prompt questions for the GP.

  • *Practice manager and practice nurse.

  • FH, familial hypercholesterolaemia; GP, general practitioner.