Table 4

Discussion schedule for patients postintervention

Discussion pointsReason
Preamble: I’d just like to thank you for your time. We have recently been part of introducing a new model of care for familial hypercholesterolaemia into the practice. I want to ask you a bit about FH and the approach to care you have been given.
1Approximately how long have you been attending [practice name]? Do you tend to see the same Dr or different GPs?Trying to establish patient familiarity and comfort level with the practice
2You were contacted recently to attend [Dr or practice name], and based on your medical records you were investigated for FH [confirm] and then given a diagnosis of FH [confirm]. Confirming diagnosis of FH
3Were you clear as to why you were being contacted? How did you feel about that process?Assessing clarity of communication
4Were you able to ask questions? If you did ask questions, were your questions answered and were the answers satisfactory (enabling you to understand the condition?)Evaluating impact of initial screening and contacting process on the patient
5Can you describe what the health implications might be for someone who has been diagnosed with FH?Evaluating if FH education has been integrated successfully from the GP to the patient
6Your GP also suggested your family members be contacted to see if they could have FH. How do you feel about this? Did you consent to having family members contacted? Are your family members also patients of this practice?Assessing the cascade testing procedures from patients’ point of view
7How did this process come about, did you contact them yourself or did the practice?Assessing the most practical and efficient/preferred method of family contacting
8Do you have anything else you would like to add in regard to this conversation about FH?
  • FH, familial hypercholesterolaemia; GP, general practitioner.