Table 2

Preintervention discussion schedule for general practice staff

Discussion pointsReason
1*How would you rate your current knowledge of FH?
Prompt if needed 1 (no knowledge) to 5 (extremely knowledgeable)
Establishing extent of knowledge
2How comfortable would you be with diagnosing FH?
Prompt if needed 1 (very uncertain) to 5 (extremely confident)
3How confident would you feel managing a patient with FH?
Prompt if needed 1 (very uncertain) to 5 (extremely confident)
4Can you recall ever having a patient with FH previously?
5Before this study would you have considered a diagnosis of FH in patients with high cholesterol?
  • How did you go about diagnosing the condition?

  • Have you used any guidelines for managing FH (if so whichones?)

  • How do you generally manage patient care in FH cases? (medication, lifestyle, and so on)

  • Have you referred any patients onto a lipid specialist (if so who did you refer to and how?)

  • Have you ever recommended patients contact family members for additional screening or investigation for FH, or followed up family members yourself?

  • If yes how did you go about it?

  • How did your patients feel about their families being contacted?

  • Was that because you were previously unaware of FH?

Determining current management of FH
6What would you usually do with a patient that presents with high cholesterol?Determining current management of patients with hypercholesterolaemia
  • All prompt questions for general practitioner.

  • *Prompt question for practice nurse and practice manager.

  • FH, familial hypercholesterolaemia.