Table 2

Self-rating scores for statements related to National Health Service (NHS) Leadership Framework

StatementPrecourse average (scores out of 10)Postcourse average (scores out of 10)% Change
My personal qualities (self-awareness, self-management, self-development and acting with integrity)7.217.676.38
Working with others (developing networks, building and maintaining relationships, encouraging contribution and working within teams)7.027.9413.11
Managing services (planning, managing resources, managing people and managing performance)6.737.5812.63
My ability to improve or develop NHS services (ensuring patient safety, critically evaluating, encouraging innovation and facilitating transformation)6.567.148.84
Setting direction (identifying the contexts for change, applying knowledge and evidence, making decisions and evaluating impact)6.717.349.39
Creating the vision (developing the vision for the organisation, influencing the vision of the wider healthcare system, communicating the vision and embodying the vision)6.267.0512.62
Delivering the strategy (framing the strategy, developing the strategy, implementing the strategy and embedding the strategy)6.246.9611.54