Table 2

Multivariate analysis for factors associated with the willingness to use pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against HIV infection in individuals seeking voluntary counselling and testing for HIV

VariablesReferenceOR (95% CI)p Value
MaleFemale1.796 (1.165 to 2.768)0.0081
Full-time jobOther types1.354 (1.052 to 1.742)0.0187
One-night stand sexNil1.374 (1.043 to 1.810)0.0240
Having a casual sex partner within 3 monthsNil1.329 (1.031 to 1.714)0.0283
Condomless anal sex in the past 1 yearNo1.405 (1.122 to 1.878)0.0046
Ever using recreational drugs before or during sexual activity or attending drug party in the past 1 yearNo2.571 (1.541 to 4.287)0.0003
Regular screening for HIV infectionNo1.321 (1.021 to 1.711)0.0344
Knew of HIV PrEPNot knowing of PrEP1.504 (1.159 to 1.953)0.0022
  • NTD, New Taiwan Dollar; PEP, postexposure prophylaxis.