Table 1

Hospital bed day costing items in Australian public hospitals

National public hospital expenditure$A44 435 000 000AIHW222014
National public hospital patient bed days18 267 000 daysAIHW232014
ICU days392 000 daysAIHW232014
Ward days17 875 000 daysAIHW232014
Average national cost per hospital bed day (ward and ICU combined)$A2433Calculation*2014
Cost per ICU bed day in 2002$A2670132002
CPI inflator (medical and hospital services)2.3%ABS142002–2016
Cost per ICU bed day in 2016$A6141Calculation†2016
Cost per ward day in 2016$A2351Calculation‡2016
  • *Total public hospital expenditure divided by the total public hospital bed days.

  • †Cost per ICU bed day in 2002 multiplied by the inflation factor.

  • ‡Total public hospital expenditure, less expenditure on ICU days (applying the 2016 ICU bed day cost calculated in the second footnote), divided by annual public hospital ward days.

  • ABS, Australian Bureau of Statistics; AIHW, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; CPI, Consumer Price Index; ICU, intensive care unit.