Table 1

Distribution of baseline data between the randomisation groups

Culture and susceptibility, n (%)Culture only, n (%)p
Age groups
 Age below 50 years105 (55)83 (48)NS
 Age 50 years or above86 (45)89 (52)NS
Number of days with symptoms
 Symptoms for less than 3 days77 (41)67 (40)NS
 Symptoms 3 days or more109 (59)101 (60)NS
Key symptoms (dysuria, frequency, urge)
 One or two key symptoms75 (40)67 (40)NS
 Three key symptoms111 (60)100 (60)NS
Complicating factors
 Any complicating factor43 (26)62 (38)0.0209
 Elderly above 65 years34 (20)50 (29)0.0496
 Recurrent UTI (>3 past year)11 (6)6 (4)NS
 Uncomplicated diabetes11 (6)17 (10)NS
Reference culture and susceptibility test
 Significant growth of uropathogens (UTI)100 (62)104 (64)NS
 Trimethroprim resistance27 (26)21 (20)NS
 Sulfamethizole resistance29 (29)24 (24)NS
 Nitrofurantoine resistance3 (3)3 (4)NS
 Mecillinam resistance (pivmecillinam)15 (14)9 (9)NS
  • Numbers are total numbers with percentages in brackets.

  • NS, non-significant; UTI, urinary tract infection.