Table 5A

Bivariate association† for emotions associated with drinking any type of alcohol‡ by setting, AUDIT score and socio-demographic relationships

n (%)§χ2 (p)†
Positive emotions
 Mostly drank a drink associated with feeling
  EnergisedAt home8008 (26.84)3683.349 (***)
When out13 259 (44.44)
  RelaxedAt home19 271 (64.59)3428.640 (***)
When out13 929 (46.69)
  SexyAt home9244 (30.98)257.954 (***)
When out10 458 (35.05)
  ConfidentAt home14 613 (48.98)
When out17 673 (59.23)1642.240 (***)
Negative emotions
 Mostly drank a drink associated with feeling
  TiredAt home12 535 (42.01)
When out8394 (28.13)2204.450 (***)
  AggressiveAt home1888 (6.33)
When out4087 (13.7)1646.066 (***)
  IllAt home3653 (12.24)
When out6077 (20.37)135.873 (***)
  RestlessAt home2589 (8.68)
When out4583 (15.36)1336.490 (***)
  TearfulAt home4367 (14.64)
When out4573 (15.33)13.636 (***)
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †McNemar’s test (χ2).

  • ‡Emotions from drinking respondents reported regardless of the type of alcohol they associate it with. Includes emotions associated with drinking spirits, white wine, red wine and beer.

  • §Refers to the number and percentage of respondents out of the whole sample (n=836) who stated that they mostly drank a type of drink which makes them feel particular emotions in different settings.

  • AOR, adjusted odds ratios; AUDIT, alcohol use disorders identification test; NS, not significant.