Table 3

Reasons for appropriate and inappropriate choice of treatment and distribution of patients between groups

Culture and susceptibility, n (%)Culture only, n (%)
Appropriate choice of treatment120 (67)121 (75)
 UTI and first-line antibiotic and pathogen susceptible85 (47)90 (56)
 UTI, second-line antibiotic and pathogen susceptible and first-line antibiotic impossible due to allergies or resistance0 (0)0 (0)
 No UTI and no antibiotic35 (20)31 (19)
Inappropriate choice of treatment59 (33)41 (25)
 UTI and no antibiotic13 (7)7 (4)
 UTI and antibiotic but uropathogen not susceptible to antibiotic10 (6)7 (4)
 UTI and inappropriate second-line antibiotic3 (2)0 (0)
 No UTI and antibiotic33 (18)27 (17)
  • The overall difference was significant as shown in table 2, but none of the individual differences was significant.

  • NS, non-significant; UTI, urinary tract infection.