Table 1

Prognosis, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and outcomes-related search terms (from Medline search strategy)

Prognosis termsExp cohort studies/or exp prognosis/or exp morbidity/or exp mortality/or exp survival analysis/or exp models, statistical/or prognos*.tw./or predict*.tw./or course*.tw./or cohort*.tw./or exp treatment outcome/or ‘early termination of clinical trials’/or treatment failure/incidence/
TBI termsExp brain injuries/or Craniocerebral Trauma/or exp Head Injuries, Closed/or exp Skull Fractures/or mTBI*,kw. or tbi*,kw. or concuss*.tw,kw. or ((head* or cerebr* or crani* or skull* or intracran*) adj2 (injur* or trauma* or damag* or wound* or swell* or oedema* or edema* or fracture* or contusion* or pressur*)).tw,kw. or ((brain* or cerebr* or intracerebr* or crani* or intracran* or head* or subdural* or epidural* or extradural*) adj (haematoma* or hematoma* or hemorrhag* or haemorrhag* or bleed*)).tw,kw.
Comorbidity termsExp Comorbidity/or exp Risk Adjustment/or (comorbid* or co morbid* or multimorbid* or multi morbid*).tw,kw. or (polypatholog* or poly-patholog*).tw,kw. or ((clinical* or medical*) adj3 complex*).tw,kw. or ((coexist* or co exist* or cooccur* or co-occur* or multipl*) adj3 (illness* or disease* or disorder* or condition* or complication* or diagnos* or risk*)).tw,kw. or (multidisease? or multi-disease? or (multiple adj (ill* or disease? or condition? or syndrom* or disorder?))).tw,kw. or ((several* or various or (two adj2 more) or concomitant or conjoined or concurrent) adj3 (morbid* or ill* or disease* or sick* or condition*)).tw,kw. Or "comorbidity-polypharmacy score".tw,kw. or (’charlson comorbidity index' or ’CCI' or ’CMI' or elixhauser or ’BOD index' or ’cumulative index rating scale' or ’CIRS' or ’Coroni-Huntley index' or ’DUSOI index' or ’Hallstrom index' or ’Hurwitz index' or ’Incalzi index', ’Kaplan index', ’Liu index', ’Shwartz index' or ’comorbidity-polypharmacy score').tw,kw.
Outcomes termsExp Mortality/or exp morbidity/or (morbidit* or mortalit*).tw,kw. or function*.mp.