Table 3

Significant associations from regression models of the community pharmacy survey data

Dispensing volumeMURs conducted
Coefficient95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Pharmacy type
 Small chain/medium chain2.671.39 to  5.15
 Large chain/supermarket4.862.63 to 8.96
Pharmacy open ≥3 years0.31470.1233 to 0.50620.001
Weekly opening hours1.251.06 to 1.490.010
>1 Pharmacist (on a typical day)0.09490.0188 to 0.17100.015
Registered pharmacy technician (typical day)0.11200.0599 to 0.1641<0.001
Accuracy checking technician (typical day)0.16550.1112 to 0.2197<0.001
Average daily working hours of main pharmacist0.03140.0086 to 0.05410.007
Organisational culture (PSO)−0.0194−0.0373 to –0.00140.035
IMD score0.01640.0024 to 0.03040.022
% with Asthma0.420.21 to 0.860.018
log(dispensing volume)5.881.76 to 19.60.004
  • IMD, Indices of Multiple Deprivation; MUR, medicines use review; PSO, Pharmacy Service Orientation.