Table 1

Characteristics and features of the basic and advanced medication reminder apps18

Basic appAdvanced app
Availability in the app stores:
 Available in both iTunes and Google Play app stores
 Available for free
 App updated in 2016
Medicine-related features:
 Ability to add a medication list from an in-app medication database
 Ability to schedule reminders to occur on a non-daily basis
 Ability to track taken or missed doses
 Ability to snooze the reminder
 Ability to set refill reminders
 Consumer medicine information
 Customisable reminder alert sounds
 Availability of icons or a picture to provide visual clues to ensure the correct medication is taken
 Ability to change time zones to ensure medication is taken at the right time when travelling
 No internet connection required for the reminders to function
 Adherence statistics and charts
 Ability to export/share the medication information to a third party
 Ability to generate medication reminders to more than one user
 Availability of an option to alert other people about when missed doses are registered
Other features:
 Languages other than English
 Password protection
 Ability to track clinical measurements such as blood pressure and weight
 Ability to set appointment reminders
 Ability to add personal health information
 Information about general health
 Information about heart disease
 Information about healthy diet