Table 2

Trial outcome measures and assessment tools and data resources

Primary outcome
 Compliance with daily weight monitoringDaily weight entries recorded in participant’s scale and MMH
Secondary outcomes
 Other guideline recommendations to the CHF managementHeart Failure Compliance Questionnaire (health maintenance, medication, diet and exercise)
 Health/clinical outcomesVariation of body weight (mean and SD of weekly weight entries)
Functional capacity (6 min walk test)
Health-related quality of life (EQ-5D)
Psychosocial status (CDS, short version)
Frailty scale (Canadian Frailty Index)
 Health economic outcomesNumber of hospital readmissions, and length of stay (mean, SD)
Number of ED visits, and length of stay (mean, SD)
Number of GP visits
  •  CHF, congestive heart failure; ED, emergency department; GP, general practitioner; MMH, Manage My Health.