Preintervention measuresMean (SD)Mean (SD)
Stage of decision-making about screening3.4 (1.0)3.4 (0.9)
Knowledge (basic concepts of screening)4.4 (0.8)4.4 (0.8)
Baseline attitudes to breast screening26.5 (3.6)26.8 (3.6)
Baseline intentions about screening4.5 (0.8)4.6 (0.8)
  • All baseline variables appearing above were included as covariates in the mediation analysis (sociodemographic factors were dichotomised as shown). Possible ranges: stage of decision-making 1 (not yet thought about the options) to 4 (already made a choice), knowledge 0 (none correct) to 5 (all correct), attitudes 6 (least positive) to 30 (most positive), intentions 1 (definitely not) to 5 (definitely).