Table 2

Respondent characteristics (n=126)

VariablesMean (IQR)
Demographic characteristics
 Age63.4 (57–69)
 Education: high school or less27%
 Income: less than US$25 000/year14%
Use of BZD
 No of years of use9.8 (4–15)
Frequency of use
 Once per week or less19%
 1–3 times per week18%
 Almost every day13%
 Every day33%
 Multiple times per day16%
 Ever tried to stop using BZD45%
Anxiety (GAD-7)
 Minimal (>4)30%
 Mild (4–9)33%
 Moderate (10–14)21%
 Severe (≥15)16%
Choice patterns
Would you enrol?
 Always ‘yes’49%
 Always ‘no’29%
 Average no of ‘yes’ (out of 6)3.67
 Proportion of ‘yes’ (in all choice situations)67%
Validity check
Would you like to be contacted if such programme started?
 ‘Yes’ in the full sample45%
 ‘Yes’ among those who answered always ‘no’ to the question ‘Would you enrol?’15%
 ‘Yes’ among those who answered ‘yes’ at least once to the question ‘Would you enrol?’57%
  • BZD, benzodiazepine; GAD-7, Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-Item scale.