Table 3

Estimated effect of jurisdictional location on care quality (% increase in services) for each area of care: Northern Territory compared to Queensland

Preventive health (n=75 services; 9627 audit records)Type 2 diabetes (n=95; 10 103)
Coefpp Value95% CIsCoefp Value95% CIs
Audit year4.23<0.0001(3.22 to 5.23)2.44<0.0001(1.84 to 3.04)
Audit cycle−1.140.08(−2.43 to 0.15)0.640.12(−0.17 to 1.45)
Jurisdiction (QLD reference)11.66<0.0001(5.61 to 17.70)15.73<0.0001(11.87 to 19.58)
LRTest χ2 (1df)13.65(p=0.0002)50.13(p<0.0001)