Table 2

Comparison of prescribing patterns between two groups of patients with or without major adverse outcomes

Guideline-recommended medicationOverall (n=512)Patient groupUnivariable analysis
No MAO (n=356)MAO (n=156)
Patients received, nPatients eligible, n%Patients received, nPatients eligible, n%Patients received, nPatients eligible, n%HR95% CIp Value
In-hospital guideline adherence 24251247.318135650.86115639.10.690.50 to 0.95 0.021
Type of guideline-recommended medications
Antiplatelet agent47950894.333835299.514115491.60.570.32 to 1.000.051
Beta-blocker13235836.910825542.42410323.30.460.29 to 0.72 0.001
ACEI/ARB39744289.828531391.111212986.80.730.44 to 1.210.220
Statin40243293.128230293.412013092.30.940.49 to 1.800.857
Number of guideline-recommended medications
At least two medications47650394.633535295.214115193.40.770.41 to 1.470.428
At least three medications33544475.524631478.38913068.50.700.49 to 1.020.063
All four medications8928131.77620237.6137916.50.370.20 to 0.66 0.001
  • ACEI/ARB, ACE inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker; MAO, major adverse outcome.