Table 4

Difference-in-differences analysis for six essential practices to improved neonatal health (combined outcomes in per cent), for most recent births to women aged 15–49 years in the 5 years preceding the survey based on DHS data*

Intervention areaComparison areaDifference in differencesp Value
Before (n=533)After (n=168)DifferenceBefore (n=347)After (n=104)Difference
Birth preparednessBetter practices6.
Antenatal care seekingBetter practices33.749.716.026.433.
Antenatal care qualityBetter practices47.459.912.534.837.
Delivery by skilled birth attendantYes46.757.711.
Immediate newborn careBetter practices74.485.911.564.279.915.7−4.20.605
Postnatal care within 48 hoursYes33.744.610.926.817.4−9.420.30.036
  • *See table 2 for details on variables.