Table 2

Reliability of alcohol environment measures in 92 on-premise alcohol outlets. Madrid (Spain), 2015

Alcohol domains and main items in each domainNInter-rater reliabilityNTest–retest reliability
% AgreementKappa% AgreementKappa
Availability and accessibility
 Type of outlet9282.610.673789.190.81
 Signs of hours of sales6791.040.822788.890.77
 Signs banning alcohol sales to minors6794.030.722792.590.46
Promotion (any type)
Furniture and structural elements with promotion6794.030.882792.590.84
 Labels and/or awnings6794.030.872792.590.81
 Drink menu6797.010.7827100*
 Boxes or barrels left by suppliers6798.510.66271001.00
 Barrels used as tables6798.510.9327100*
 Wall menu support67100*27100*
Promotional items on the terraces or similar2696.150.9251001.00
 Canvas or umbrellas2688.460.6651001.00
 Napkin holders2692.310.8151001.00
Advertisements (include sponsorship) associated to the outlet6788.060.762796.300.92
  • *Statistics could not be computed because of two or fewer levels per cross-tabulation.