Table 4

Results of the multivariable regression analysis

Dependent variablesIndependent variablesAdjusted OR
(95% CI)
p Value
‘Reporting being funded’ model (n=200)Journal impact factor1.44
(1.09 to 1.90)
Affiliation with an institution from a high-income country (reference category being middle or low-income countries)0.09
(0.02 to 0.37)
‘Explicit reporting on the role of funder’ model (n=171)Journal impact factor1.07
(1.04 to 1.10)
Journal requirement for reporting on the role of funder3.76
(1.64 to 8.62)
Funding from private-for-profit source(s) (reference category being all other types of funding sources)5.7
(2.37 to 13.85)