Table 2

Doctors who have retired: self-reported factors contributing to their wish to retire

FactorMen (N=1663)Women (N=844)Total (N=2507)
To increase time for leisure/other interests51.285248.841250.41264
Pressure of work42.370443.837042.81074
Reduced job satisfaction41.468941.034641.31035
To maintain good health32.554030.625831.8798
Financial security/insufficient financial incentive to stay*32.153323.519829.2731
The prospect of revalidation22.938023.720023.1580
Possibility of deteriorating skill/competence18.029916.914317.6442
Not wanting to do out-of-hours work*18.230210.79015.6392
Retirement of spouse/partner*9.415626.522415.2380
Family reasons*11.418920.917614.6365
Poor health11.51919.68110.8272
None of the above: I just wanted to retire6.91158.1687.3183
  • Respondents could select all that applied to them.

  • *Gender comparisons on each row of the table (χ2 1 tests): p<0.001.