Table 2

Descriptive statistics for scales and items, internal consistency and test–retest reliability

Item noItemMissing n(%)MeanSD% CeilingCronbach’s alpha/item total correlationTest–
GP24 (1.0)77.417.640.9320.88
7GP takes you seriously23 (1.0)4.30.8445.40.809
8GP has enough time to you27 (1.1)4.00.9331.40. 752
9GP speaks so that you can understand her/him25 (1.1)4.30.7545.90. 741
10GP is competent35 (1.5)4.20.7436.30. 765
11GP is interested in your situation36 (1.5)4.10.8535.60. 846
12GP involves you as much as you want in decisions about you44 (1.9)4.10.8232.80. 798
13GP gives sufficient information about health problems and treatment215 (9.0)4.10.8836.00.803
14GP provides sufficient information about use and side effects of medication383 (16.1)3.61.0421.00. 652
Auxiliary staff23 (1.0)76.317.830.8450.80
15Practice well organised34 (1.4)3.90.8320.40.639
16Auxiliary staff forthcoming and competent30 (1.3)4.00.8028.60.787
17Met with politeness and respect at reception70 (2.9)4.30.8143.50.714
Accessibility116 (4.9)64.827.750.7720.72
4Acceptability of waiting time for acute consultations413 (17.4)3.81.2438.80.629
6Acceptability of waiting time for normal consultations260 (10.9)3.41.1818.80.629
Enablement52 (2.2)65.921.570.8890.74
23Contact with GP helps you understand your illness56 (2.4)3.70.9219.10.832
24Contact with GP helps you cope with your illness64 (2.7)3.70.9417.50.788
25Contact with GP helps you keep yourself healthy73 (3.1)3.51.0016.10.734
Cooperation396 (16.7)74.421.180.8700.80
20GP coordinates health services well534 (22.5)4.00.8828.10.771
21GP cooperates well with other services632 (26.6)4.00.9230.50.771
Items excluded after initial factor analysis
1Phone accessibility52 (2.2)3.81.0933.0
18Waiting time in waiting room beyond appointment time26 (1.1)
19Privacy ensured in conversations74 (3.1)4.00.9732.7
  • Items are scored 1 to 5 and scales are scored 0 to 100 where higher scores represent better experiences. To achieve a scale score, the responder had to give a valid answer to at least half of the items pertaining to the scale. GP, general practitioner.