Table 4

Correlations between items and scales

GPAuxiliary staffCooperationEnablementAccessibility
GP takes you seriously0.8530.3490.6540.6260.362
GP has enough time for you0.8180.3730.6260.5840.389
GP speaks so that you can understand her/him0.7940.3660.5950.5540.309
GP is competent0.8150.3800.6570.6360.324
GP is interested in your situation0.8840.3930.7030.6850.349
GP involves you as much as you want in decisions about you0.8470.3870.6660.6280.369
GP gives sufficient information about health problems and treatment0.8520.3960.6790.6980.347
GP provides sufficient information about use and side effects of medication0.7490.2990.5640.6260.271
Practice well organised0.4600.8410.4770.4230.402
Auxiliary staff forthcoming and competent0.3700.9080.3800.3500.334
Met with politeness and respect at reception0.3440.8760.3610.3290.326
GP coordinates health services well0.7470.4710.9450.6630.368
GP cooperates well with other services0.7350.4130.9480.6450.346
Contact with GP helps you understand your illness0.7360.3850.6530.9040.342
Contact with GP helps you cope with your illness0.7170.3980.6530.9280.354
Contact with GP helps you keep yourself healthy0.6060.3600.5470.8870.318
Acceptability of waiting time for acute consultations0.3690.3580.3250.3130.911
Acceptability of this waiting time for normal consultations0.3950.3980.3730.3750.909