Table 5

Factors that would encourage doctors to stay working in medicine for longer, by specialty

Factor encouraging doctors to stayHospital medical specialties
General practice
Reduced impact of work-related bureaucracy44.346.251.847.3
Workload reduction/shorter hours44.342.741.943.5
Financial incentivisation27.632.924.528.2
Reduction of on-call or emergency commitments*25.3 32.9 15.124.7
None of these19.518.925.523.2
Improved working conditions, other than (or as well as) hours19.518.218.220.2
Career change and development opportunities10.312.69.611.2
More involvement in direct patient care3.43.512.57.7
Less involvement in direct patient care8.
  • Table shows specialties with over 100 respondents.

  • For numbers corresponding to percentages, and numbers for small number specialties, see online supplementary appendix 2.

  • Significantly high or low percentages are indicated in boldface.

  • *Specialty comparisons on each row of the table (χ2 3 tests): p<0.001.