Table 3

Factors contributing to retirement decisions by specialty

FactorSpecialty group
Hospital medical specialties
General practice
To increase time for leisure/other interests55.345.152.547.452.952.945.651.5
Pressure of work* 32.5 28.6 51.6 41.2 32.5 42.037.444.1
Reduced job satisfaction34.644.244.640.438.935.345.642.4
To maintain good health29.529.634.724.636.922.731.332.5
Financial security/insufficient financial incentive to stay27.
The prospect of revalidation21.918.926.722.824.220.215.624.0
Possibility of deteriorating skill/competence* 9.7 16.0 20.3 15.8 31.2
Other* 21.519.9 13.1
Not wanting to do out-of-hours work*13.1 29.6 9.8 16.7 29.3 16.014.314.3
Retirement of spouse/partner18.68.316.619.314.016.812.915.7
Family reasons18.614.
Poor health8.98.711.59.67.614.39.510.6
None of the above: I just wanted to retire5.
  • Table shows specialties with over 100 respondents.

  • For numbers corresponding to percentages, and numbers for small number specialties, see online supplementary appendix 1.

  • Significantly high or low percentages are indicated in boldface.

  • *Specialty comparisons on each row of the table (χ2 6 tests): p<0.001.