Table 1

Responses to the question ‘What were the circumstances of your retirement?’: retired and ‘retired and returned’ doctors from the 1974 and 1977 cohorts

RespondentsI retired when I had planned to retireIt was unplanned and due to a change in the work environmentIt was unplanned and due to changes in personal circumstancesOtherTotal (100%)
Retirement status
 Retired and returned69.359914.71279.0786.960864
 1974 graduates69.376213.014311.91315.7631099
 1977 graduates64.784614.819315.11985.4701307
Specialty group
 Hospital medical specialties62.414113.33014.6339.722226
 General practice67.180913.416215.21834.3521206
 Emergency medicine77.8140.0022.240.0018
 Obstetrics and gynaecology75.03012.5510.042.5140
 Clinical oncology62.5154.2120.8512.5324
  • χ2 tests for: retirement status (χ2 3=28.0, p<0.001), cohort (χ2 3=7.9, p=0.048), gender (χ2 3=7.6, p=0.54) and specialty group (χ2 30=56.4, p=0.002). The 1974 graduates by specialty group (χ2 30=34.4, p=0.264) and the 1977 graduates by specialty group (χ2 30=44.7, p=0.041). The 1974 graduates by gender (χ2 3=3.3, p=0.348) and the 1977 graduates by gender (χ2 3=3.5, p=0.318). Within each specialty group, by gender, only anaesthetics was significant (χ2 3=11.3, p=0.010).