Table 3

Factor analysis with loadings (n=1508)

Factors/itemsFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3
 GP is interested in your situation0.9100.011−0.050
 GP takes you seriously0.862−0.0480.030
 GP gives sufficient information about health problems and treatment0.8400.020−0.020
 GP involves you as much as you want in decisions about you0.8330.0000.010
 GP is competent0.8050.032−0.033
 GP speaks so that you can understand her/him0.7730.027−0.008
 GP has enough time to you0.745−0.0320.095
 GP provides sufficient information about use and side effects of medication0.692−0.014−0.021
Auxiliary staff
 Auxiliary staff forthcoming and competent−0.0480.984−0.056
 Met with courtesy and respect at reception−0.0320.8170.004
 Practice well organised0.1680.5600.128
 Acceptability of waiting time for normal consultations−0.0320.0000.867
 Acceptability of waiting time for acute consultations0.0210.0080.722