Table 1

Active hospital sites

Hospital†Sites‡ICUs§Donors 2016¶
British Columbia
BC Transplant
Victoria General2212
Vancouver General1117
St. Paul’s1113
Royal Columbian1117
Northern HOPE Program
& Southern Alberta Organ Donation Program
University of Alberta1329
Royal Alexandra115
Foothills Medical Centre1127
Trillium Gift of Life Network
Windsor Regional2210
London Health Sciences2235
Hamilton Health Sciences2437
Trillium Health Partners1121
William Osler2116
University Health Network2216
St. Michael’s1215
Kingston General1113
The Ottawa Hospital2235
Quebec Transplant
CHU de Sherbrooke2215
CHU de Québec Université Laval1135
CHU de Montreal3325
Hôpital Sacre Coeur de Montreal1139
Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont1113
McGill University Health Centre2328
  • *ODOs are provincial regulatory bodies responsible for the oversight of all organ donations within their regional boundaries.

  • †Each hospital refers to the local organisation and may have more than one physical hospital site.

  • ‡Site numbers refer to the number of physical locations contained within each local organisation (hospital).

  • §This number refers to the number of ICUs across all physical locations within each local organisation (hospital).

  • ¶The combined number  of actual donors in 2016 at each hospital. This is an estimate of the number of actual donors that will be recruited within 1 year.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; ODO, organ donation organisation.