Table 1

Study protocol and data collection at different time points during the study

Data collectionT1*T2 T3 BirthT4§ T5 T6**
Women/mothers and men/fathersRoutine care plus three NBO consultations vs routine care
 Demographic information
 EPDS (depressive symptoms)
 BDI-II (depressive symptoms)
 PRAQ-R (pregnancy-related anxiety)
 Adverse childhood experiences
 TWEAK (risk drinking during pregnancy)
 PTQ (repetitive negative thinking)
 LSS (life stress)
 IAT (implicit associations)
 EDP (selective attention)
 YSQ (maladaptive core beliefs)
 The face recognition task
 RRS (rumination)
 MAAS/PAAS (prenatal self-reported attachment)
 ECR-R (adult attachment style)
 SWLS (quality of life)
 MPAS/PPAS (parent–infant self-reported attachment)
 PRFQ (reflective functioning)
 PSI-PD (parenting stress)
 PSI (parenting stress)
 Obstetric information
 The diurnal clock (sleep, wakefulness and distress diary)
 EAS (parent–child interaction)
 CRTQ (infant temperament)
 Heart rate variability
 ADBB (infant withdrawal behaviour)
 BSITD—screening version (infant development)
  • *T1: 16–22 weeks gestation.

  • †T2: 24–30 weeks gestation.

  • ‡T3/preintervention measures: about 31 weeks gestation.

  • §T4/post-intervention measures: 6 weeks post partum.

  • ¶T5/follow-up measures: 4 months post partum.

  • **T6/follow-up measures: 6 months post partum.

  • ADBB, Alarm Distress Baby Scale; BDI-II, Beck Depression Inventory-II; BSITD, Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development; CRTQ, Cameron-Rice Temperament Questionnaire; EAS, Emotional Availability Scale; ECR-R, Experiences in Close Relationships-Revised Questionnaire; EDP, Emotional Dot-Probe; EPDS, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale; IAT, Implicit Associations Test; LSS, Life Stress Scale; MAAS, Maternal Antenatal Attachment Scale; MPAS, Maternal Postnatal Attachment Scale; PAAS, Paternal Antenatal Attachment Scale; PPAS, Paternal Postnatal Attachment Scale; PRAQ-R; Pregnancy-Related Anxiety Questionnaire; PRFQ, Parental Reflective Functioning Scale; PSI, Parenting Stress Index; PSI-PD, Parenting Stress Index-Parent Domain; PTQ, Perseverative Thinking Questionnaire; RRS, Rumination Response Scale; SWLS, Satisfaction With Life Scale; TWEAK, Tolerance, Worried, Eye-opener, Amnesia, Kut down; YSQ, Young Schema Questionnaire.