Table 1

Overview of data included in the four standardised forms in the Swedish National Register of Urinary Bladder Cancer

Registration formData recorded
Tumour characteristics at diagnosisReporter information: hospital and department
Tumour information: TNM stage, grade, tumour diameter, number of tumours, histology and morphological codes
Dates of: diagnosis, referral, received referral, first visit to specialist and TUR/px
Alternatives for referral reason and morphological confirmation
TreatmentReporter information: hospital and department
Primary investigation options: data on multidisciplinary conference, single-dose chemotherapy and reresection
Date and details of given treatment: intravesical instillations, systemic chemotherapy, radical cystectomy, radiotherapy or other treatments
Five-year follow-up for non-muscle invasive bladder cancerReporter information: hospital and department
Status and date of recurrence and progression
Radical cystectomyReporter information: hospital and department
Preoperative data: TNM stage, weight, height, body mass index, American Society of Anesthesiologists score, previous pelvic surgery, radiation or neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Perioperative data: type of surgery, type of lymphadenectomy, type of urinary diversion, blood loss, duration of surgery, accidental organ injury during surgery
Postoperative data: complications, reoperations and readmissions within 90 days, length of hospital stay, pathological T stage, number of excised lymph nodes, and number of excised and metastatic lymph nodes
  • TNM, tumour, node, metastases; TUR/px,  transurethral resection.