Table 4

Comment categories with counts and ratios of positive and negative comments

Comment categoryNegative comments (n=)Positive comments (n=)Negative to positive ratio (n: 1)Overall ratio
CUP dataset coverage (%)
1. Cross cutting themes
 Interagency communication3511392.38-ve15.3
 Patient information892210.40+ve10.4
 Waiting for appointments/investigations88721.24-ve5.2
 Waiting on the day2991224.9-ve10.2
 Investigations—receiving results165374.46-ve6.32
2. Healthcare professionals
 Clinical nurse specialists28720.39+ve3.3
3. Treatment specialisms
 Accident and emergency28122.33-ve1.3
 Palliative care2400.05+ve1.3
 Post-treatment care38321.19-ve2.3
4. Other quality of life concerns
 Emotional, social and psychological needs39172.29-ve1.3
 Financial concern75710.71-ve2.7
  • CUP, cancer of unknown primary; GPs, general practitioners.